The Art of Self Mastery & Authenticity

The Art of Self Mastery & Authenticity !
I believe that one of the biggest hurdles we need to get over in life is that of achieving Self-mastery. Without it, we are unable to be truly authentic, to truly know ourselves, our strengths, our weaknesses, and to love ourselves unconditionally.
If we can’t love ourselves unconditionally, we will surely struggle to do the same for others and will miss out on experiencing one of the most amazing gifts of this human existence.
In my generation growing up during the 1950’s amd 60’s  there was a  need to meet the expectations of others, to please and keep others happy, to follow the rules that were imposed on us, to be respectful, and obedient. If we failed to comply, or broke imposed  rules, we would be punished –  reprimanded, sometimes physically and guilt and shame would often be the result.  Often we would look at the behaviors of others to see just how we measured up  against  those who had been in more trouble than us and that could  help us to not feel quite as guilty. I can recall doing  this myself frequently, comforting myself by thinking .. ‘but i’m not as bad as ……… She was much naughtier because she  did something much worse. 
We were growing up learning  to look outside of ourselves rather than to look within ourselves.  
It was always easy to find someone to  measure ourselves against, to justify our own behavioral choices although while some have attributes that we wish we had and who can leave us feeling less than them, others can give us the opportunity to stroke our wounded ego as we find we can judge those who leave us feeling a little better than them.
It helps us to feel superior when others fall off the wagon or fail at something. “Did you know about … see that, hear about what she… ? I would never do this or do that. ?”
Today the news media thrives on feeding us information to keep us outwardly focused. Everyone has their opinion about someone else’s life choices. One group supports the subject, and another rubbishes it. It can be really divisive and devastatingly destructive.
As long as we are looking outwardly at the events around us, at other peoples’ choices, we don’t need to have a look at ourselves. At our own weaknesses, or at  our own strengths !
At the end of the day, we are all here on this earth for a Finite period to live a very brief life before we expire. From the moment we are born our body is destined to die.
We can spend our whole lifetime focusing on other peoples’ lives, choices, good and bad.
Or we can spend some time focusing on discovering who we really are, what our deepest strengths are, overcoming the fears and the beliefs that hold us back from achieving the dream that lies deep within our hearts. We can connect to our higher selves, our wiser selves, our loving and compassionate selves.
Ego will always try to keep us outwardly focused
Spirit takes us within, to unearth our true identity so we can identify our deepest passion and purpose. Our reason for choosing to be alive on earth at this time in history, for however brief the time may be.
Ego can often respond with overwhelming fear. It wants to protect us from failure and can creates obstacles, buts, doubts and fill us with anxiety and deep fear.
Sometimes it can rage, blame, become overwhelmed with self-pity, poor me, and sometimes become angry and destructive and leave us feeling really confused and stuck.
Spirit offers us courage and whispers “You are not alone, You can do this, I am with you. Let go, Trust, and Never Give up”.
Hope says “There is always a rainbow after a storm, and spring will always follow the darkest coldest winter.”
Faith says “Yes You Can! You can choose to create what your heart is longing for you to bring into your life.”
Love says “I Am! I am in you as You are in me and together we can be an almighty and powerful force for change.”