Mindset Awareness

Creating Mindset Awareness in just 2 minutes !

4 Steps you can take to help to strengthen your Mindset Awareness in less than 2 Minutes.

We all think constantly, thousands of thoughts can filter through our minds in an hour. When the thoughts are happy, hopeful, nice things we can feel lighter, happier and joyful where as when we are thinking anxiously, reflecting on future fears, or painful life events from the past, we can feel utterly miserable. If we are suffering and in pain, then the pain can dominate everything else.

The following exercise is to simply help to set up an awareness of your thought patterns and will take you less than a minute or two to set up and complete.

You will need a notebook, diary or even just a post it and a pen before you start and just 2 x 2 minute blocks of time each day for a week.

Step 1

Make a declaration that you will take 2 minutes out of your day to do this for a week.

Step 2

Stop what you are doing, sit down, and write for just 30 seconds every thought that arises during that time . Don’t skip anything … don’t judge … don’t analyze.. just write.

Step 3

When your time is up then count – How many thoughts did you have in this 30 seconds ?

Step 4

Read them and notice – how relevant or helpful were they ? If there is something among all of these that you feel you need to take action on, highlight it and follow that through, otherwise just notice, and become aware of the types of things that are coming up in your thoughts.

After a week, you may find that you are starting to become more aware of your thought patterns. You may even start to notice how some of your thoughts trigger emotional responses, annoyance, frustrations, stress, physical responses, tapping the pen, tense fingers, foot tapping. You may find that you are no longer having as many thoughts in the 30 seconds and this could be because you may be consciously starting to notice your thinking at other times, not just when you are specifically writing them down.

And that is the purpose of this exercise.

The latest research is now showing that more than 95 % ( even up to 98% ) of what we know lies deep within our subconscious with less than 5 % being in our conscious awareness. Mindset awareness however, can assist us to connect to our silent place, the place where we can slow our thoughts as we breathe, and become more aware of our inner calm, our own deep soul space where the ego of our mind is calmed by the knowing of our hearts hidden power, our spiritual connection to something so much bigger that lies deep within us, but also connects to our Source, our Creator, to the Love of All That Is.

‘Being present’ is the greatest gift !

Some of us are such slow learners and as I write  this statement, it is myself that I am referring to.

I am so aware of the many moments that I waste as unnecessary distractions   time wasting thoughts take me away from being present .  Even as I sit here typing this, I have little thoughts popping in reminding me that I haven’t finished clearing up in the kitchen yet, and I mustn’t forget to check that there is a new rubbish bag in the draw and did I remember to turn off the hose which is filling up the cattle’s water trough ?

Those thoughts are now recorded on my page so for now, perhaps  I may be able to remain on track and only allow the thoughts of what it is I am planning to write to enter into my consciousness.

This was to be  the first of my Mindful Tuesday blogs which I was excited to be launching back in 2017 but I never managed to complete it.

I’m now about to return to WordPress to continue my blogs, however this time I will be completing them and they will be regular.

In the last 3  years a lot of things that I started were never completed.  I had some personal challenges that kept me constantly distracted.

But that is now over.  I am supported and I support myself.

I am respected and I respect myself.

I am valued and I value myself.

I am empowered and encouraged and  I can do that for myself as too.

I am now in a new space where I am now able to truly  Love Myself Enough to do the things that are important to me and that includes Loving Myself Enough to complete the projects that I started and it feels amazing !

The Art of Self Mastery

I believe that one of the biggest hurdles we need to get over in life is that of achieving Self mastery. Without it, we are unable to be truly authentic, to truly know ourselves, our strengths, our weaknesses, and to love ourselves unconditionally.

If we can’t love ourselves unconditionally, we will surely struggle to do the same for others and will miss out on experiencing  one of the most amazing gifts of this human existance. 

We spend our lives growing up with the need to meet the expectations of others, to  please, to keep others happy, to follow the rules that are imposed on us. In other words we are trained to look outside of ourselves rather than to look within ourselves.

By looking outside ourselves we find a someone to measure ourselves against. Some have attributes that we wish we had and who can leave us feeling less than them,  while others give us the opportunity to stroke our wounded ego as we find we can  judge those who leave us feeling more than.  It  helps us to feel superior when others fall off the wagon or fail at something. “I would never do this, or do that. How could they?”

The news media thrives on feeding us information to keep us outwardly focused. Talk back shows where everyone has their opinion about someone else’s life choices. One group supports the subject, and another rubbishes it. Yet as long as we are looking outwardly at the events around us, at other peoples choices, we don’t need to have a look at ourselves. At our own strengths and our own weaknesses.

At the end of the day, we are all here on this earth for a Finite period to live a very brief life on earth before we expire. From the moment we are born our body is destined to die.

We can spend our whole lifetime focusing on other peoples lives, choices, good and bad. Or we can spend some time focusing on discovering who we really are, what our deepest strengths are, overcoming the fears and the beliefs that hold us back from achieving the dream that lies deep within our hearts.

Ego will always try to keep us outwardly focused

Spirit takes us within, to unearth our true identity, our true life purpose, where we can identify our true passion and reason for being alive on this earth at this time for this brief time.  

Ego is the voice of overwhelming Fear.  Fear of failure, it creates obstacles, buts, doubts, it get’s sad, scared   It rages, it blames, it thrives on self pity, poor me, and can eventually become very angry and destructive.

Spirit offers us courage and whispers  You are not alone, Let go, Trust, and Never Give up,  

Hope says There is always a rainbow after a storm, and spring will always follow the darkest coldest winter.    

Faith says  Yes You Can!  You can choose to create what your heart is longing for you to bring into your life.  

Love says I Am,  I am in you and You are in me and  together we can be an almighty and  powerful force for change. 



That moment of profound peace when clarity finally reveals herself !

Over recent years I’ve had a nagging question about my true life purpose.

It happens to mums like myself,  as our children grow, become independent and start making their own choices and taking responsibility for their own lives.  The role of a mother changes quite profoundly and that was certainly the case for me.  Even though I had a career of sorts, and welcomed the resulting reduction of dishes, washing,  somehow losing the role of being the one responsible for my children’s needs, was a huge grief, a loss of meaning, of purpose.

To grow up and be a mother had been my dream for as long as I could remember.  I was an only child and longed for a sister to play with.  When I discovered I was also adopted, I was determined that one day I would get married and have my very own family, and I wanted at least 10 children, and to marry a farmer and live in the country.

I was married to my husband Dave at 17, we had our  first child a few months later having just turned 18, and over the next 17 years had 5 further children.  I didn’t marry a farmer or live in the country but I married my soul mate and together we achieved what I considered my life purpose.  To bring life into the world and to love and nurture our children till sometimes I thought my heart would completely burst with love. I was never happier than when I was carrying or nursing one of my children.  I used to wish that time would stop right there in those awe filled moments and stay like that forever. I joined playcentre and stayed there for 17 years.

To then have to let each of my children go, one at a time as they became independent and made their own life choices, was like a double edged sword, deep pride and satisfaction on one side and a sense of redundancy and  torture on the other.

After the first three had left to begin their independent lives,  my husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer and passed away.  My younger three became my focus, along with my work which I now needed to be able pay the mortgage etc.   Then I formed a new relationship and over the next few years my younger children also moved away as they matured and stepped into their own independence.

I  was so very proud of each of my children .  But oh how I missed the little things.   The music they played,  the sounds of the voices when they came through the door after school with friends in tow, even when they would  create mess in our tiny kitchen which I would sometimes come home to.

I  had  formed a new relationship,  was working full time, and we connected when we were  able,  but life was so busy for everyone gradually the distance started to grow.  Then an unexpected accident meant I eventually needed to move house and this only  increased the distance between us.

Deep down in my heart, the ache to be back in the past continued to keep me stuck.  I loved my new space, my new work, but I still grieved for what was gone.

” What is there that is  really left for me to do now? ” became my question.

What can I do that brings  real meaning and a sense of purpose, of making a difference, of participating in creating something worthwhile? What am I supposed to do next ?

Today I met clarity !    Watch this space.