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Hi, My name is Glo. I am a partner, a mom, and a doting grandmother. I am also an animal lover and my partner and I are fortunate enough to live in the country with two mini ponies Kaz and Misty, two goats Merlin and Lucy, a pet lamb named Agatha, a dog named Achilles, a cat named Teddy, a cockatiel named Molly and a budgie named Sunny Boy.
I am passionate about supporting women who are struggling with lost confidence, grief, anxiety, self doubt, or other challenges.

I love it when a woman is able to leave a session feeling a little lighter, with a bit of hope, something to look forward to and a desire to love herself enough to say yes to loving and believing in her truly beautiful authentic self.

I do this as a spiritual intuitive counsellor, healer, life coach.

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Hi, I am a self-published writer and Intuitive spiritual counsellor, energy healer and life coach. My background in early childhood development, personal development, counselling, social work and workshop facilitation has been a passion that has continued to grow throughout my life. I spent over 30 years counselling others, working in social work, coaching and supporting parents and families in mainstream before training as a ThetaHealer and finally acknowledging my spiritual healing gifts.

I have always had a love of journaling and writing about whatever my inner wisdom is moved to share and I love the way enlightening messages can flow magically onto the pages sharing enlightenment, wisdom, messages and more.

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